Friends of the 1799 Lazaretto Interpretive Museum
Friends of the 1799 Lazaretto Interpretive Museum

At the 1799 Lazaretto, we will be presenting 3 Pop-Up Museum's in the Community Room of the Tinicum Township Fire Department, pictured above, at 99 Wanamaker Avenue, during the World War One Delco History Tours, September 23rd & 24th 2017

One stop with three presentations, and the Tinicum Township Firefighter Museum

Saturday 23 September 2017 10AM-4PM
Sunday. 24 September 2017. Noon-3PM

1) The Lazaretto (Chandler Field during WWI) presented by the Friends of the 1799 Lazaretto Interpretive Museum

2) Hog Island Shipyard, presented by the Tinicum Township Historical Society

3) Corinthian Yacht Club (yachts were used as Section Patrol Boat roles throughout the War), presented by the Corinthian Yacht Club Historical Society

Presented during posted hours the both days over the weekend.


Please go to for the most up to date information about the weekend tour

This Place Matters

The 1799 Lazaretto sits on the site of the 1st permanent European settlement in Pennsylvania. Its roles as a quarantine station sixth oldest in the world,19th century river side resort, religious center, very early civilian 20th century seaplane aviation training center, WW 1 US Army Signal Corps base, and 20th century civilian seaplane base and marina arguably makes it one of the most unique Cultural Landscapes in the world.

The Friends of the 1799 Lazaretto Interpretive Museum is an organization dedicated to promoting, through, research tours and living history events, the historical significance of this precious place .